Terms and Conditions of Service

TeePlanet is a service that allows users to create and market their own custom-made products. By using TeePlanet and any services which it offers, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and are bound to use these services only in the ways indicated in this contract.

User Contract

Failure to comply with any and all of the terms of this contract leaves you vulnerable to your account suspension or removal. In this instance of account suspension or removal, you forfeit anything related to use of these services, including account access, campaign removal, and profit seizure.

Campaign Account Rules and Regulations:

  • You accept and observe all rules associated with TeePlanet and its services.
  • You accept and comply with all the trademarks and copyrights that are associated or licensed with your user account, hereinafter referred to as "Licensing Rights".
  • You agree that any of the artwork or text that is uploaded to your account was created by or licensed by you, including the trademarks or copyrights associated with it. If you are not the owner, you must be able to provide proof from the owner that you have permission to use the material.
  • You agree that any part of your campaign does not infringe upon the rights, trademarks or copyrights of any third-party entities.
  • You acknowledge and agree that TeePlanet is entitled to release your contact or personal information if a third party can prove that you have used their copy-written or trademarked work without permission, in accordance with {company’s} Intellectual Property Misuse Policy, listed below.
  • If notified of an infringement issue, TeePlanet has the right to cancel the user’s campaign and/or suspend the user account. If the account is suspended or cancelled, any funds or profits may not be available to the user. All reports of infringement will be referred to the Intellectual Property Misuse Policy to examine if the claim has any merit.
  • You agree that all information pertaining to your campaign is true and unembellished. This includes details such as the country of origin of a product of what the intentions of the profits for the product are. The repercussions for falsifying this information is the cancellation or suspension of your account.
  • You agree not to use the information of buyers for anything other than correspondence regarding the original product they inquired on or purchased. You will not contact the buyers regarding future sales, contests, product information, or sweepstakes offers. Contacting previous buyers with information of future products or events will be considered harassment and may involve your account being suspended.
  • You agree to hold harmless TeePlanet from any disputes related to your use of our services in regards to violating this contract or by violating the rights of others. This includes litigious claims regarding expenses, damages, and attorney fees.
  • You agree that TeePlanet will not be held liable to any degree for any action taken against you by a third party for violating Intellectual Property or Improper Use laws while using our services.

Intellectual Property Misuse Policy

TeePlanet expressly forbids users from associating trademarked or copy-written merchandise or intellectual property that the user is not licensed to use.

TeePlanet will only respond to infringement complaints from the party that owns or has the rights to use the materials. Our company does not have the legal means to arbitrate disputes of intellectual property infringement. If a complaint is made regarding possible infringement issues, the campaign owner will be made aware of the claims and provided with the complainants’ contact information and be advised to reach out to them within seven (7) days to resolve the problem. If the user does not contact the complainant within the seven days, or if the issue is not otherwise resolved between the parties, please make us aware of this. In response to non-compliance from the user, TeePlanet has the authority to remove the campaign and issue refunds to all buyers as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. A link to the campaign that is using the infringed or trademarked merchandise or intellectual property.
  2. The signature (either physical or electronic) of the person who owns the rights to the infringed content.
  3. Proof of ownership that you have the rights to the infringed material. This can include trademark or copyright registrations.
  4. Your contact information, including your full name, telephone number and email address.
  5. A statement made by you that the material is being used without consent or authorization of the rights owner or licensor and is therefore infringing upon Intellectual Property Policies, which are protected under the law.
  6. A statement that all information provided is complete and true and that you have permission to claim rights to act on the infringed material by virtue of being the owner or licensor, or having authorization of the owner or licensor. You will swear legally, or face the consequences of perjury, that all the information made in your statements is true and accurate.

If you think that you intellectual property rights have been violated or infringed upon, contact us at {company email} for help. Your claim must include the above information before we can proceed with action.

Counter Claim Policy

If an infringement claim has been filed against you by mistake or you can prove it has no merit, you may file a counter claim. If your evidence against the alleged infringement is fraudulent, you may be held accountable for the damages claimed by the owner or licensor of the intellectual property. If you do not know whether the material being claimed is infringing, it is in your best interest to consult with a professional before filing a counter claim. If you decide to proceed with a counter claim, please send notice to {company email} and include the following:

  1. A link to the material that is being claimed for infringement, including the campaign number of the campaign that includes the material in question.
  2. Your signature (either physical or electronic).
  3. Your contact information, including your full name, telephone number and email address
  4. A statement made by you that the allegation of infringement was incorrect or a mistake and that having the material blocked or removed is unnecessary.
  5. A statement made by you that you are either the creator of the content, or have licensed or been authorized by a credible source to use the material in question. You will swear legally, or face the consequences of perjury, that all the information made in your statements is true and accurate.
  6. Consent that you will deal with the party who made the accusation of infringement on your own or with the assistance of a party other than TeePlanet, and that the results of the agreement between you and the accusing party will be emailed to TeePlanet for our records.

If you make a statement under the penalty of perjury regarding your authorized use of the intellectual property in question, a copy of this counter claim will be sent to the original complainant, and the material in question may be removed or disabled for ten (10) business days, during which time the complainant must respond. If they do not respond, the content in question will be considered non-infringement material and restored to the user’s website or campaign and the claim against the user will be closed.

Repeat Complaint Policy

Repeated complaint notices regarding the misuse of other people’s intellectual or trademarked property may result in action being taken against your account. TeePlanet keeps track of all notices and complaints, and repeated violators may be subject to having their account suspended indefinitely or deleted. This decision is made at the sole discretion of TeePlanet and may not be contested or challenged.

The first time a claim has been made against you regarding intellectual property infringement, your account will be suspended while the issue is researched and given a strike against your account. If you receive three strikes against your account in a one-year timeframe, your account will be suspended for one calendar month. If you receive another strike during this period, the suspension period on your account will be changed to three months. If you receive a fifth strike during your suspension, the suspension period on your account will be changed to six months. If you receive six or more strikes within a one-year period, your account will be deleted.

If you follow through with the counterclaim policy and the complainant does not respond or retracts the claim, or if you are found not culpable of infringing upon another’s intellectual property, the strike will be removed from your account and you will regain full use of services. This strike removal is contingent upon TeePlanet receiving proper notice from the complainant, or legal documentation if the issue is taken to court.

TeePlanet has the right to delete any and all accounts that do not comply with our Terms of Service contract, no matter how many or few strikes are against the user’s account.

Rights of the First to Publish

In the event of a later campaign copying artwork or content from an earlier campaign, TeePlanet will prohibit the use of the copied text or images, whether done in a deliberate manner to duplicate the original campaign, or if the new content is so similar to the original that is can cause confusion among buyers.

TeePlanet will research infringement complaints from customers that can point out a reasonable similarity between a new campaign and an older one. Once TeePlanet has been made aware of the situation, the content in question may be removed with or without notifying the content creator. In some cases, the infringing party may be made aware of the situation and offered the chance to remedy the situation on their own, within a certain timeframe. In these instances, this will be considered a warning to the offending party, and they may receive a strike on their account. If it happens again, the account may be suspended or deleted at the sole discretion of TeePlanet.

If you find a campaign that has your copywritten or trademarked images or designs, please report it to us at [email protected] along with the following information:

  1. The URL of the campaign with the infringement.
  2. The URL of your campaign along with the date of the first use of the content.

Cancellations & Returns

Because our orders are custom-made and printed, cancellations or order changes are generally not accepted. It is your responsibility as the buyer to make sure that your order is correct before submitting it. You may attempt to make a change within a few hours of the order being placed, but there is no guarantee that the changes can be applied if the order has already been accepted and production had begun.

TeePlanet will accept returns and issue refunds if the purchased item does not meet the following criteria:

  1. Poor product quality.
  2. The product is flawed.
  3. The product is substantially different than the item that was presented in the campaign.

There is a 30 day limit on returns and refund requests from the date that the item is received. If another size or color is requested to replace the returned item, you will not receive a discount on your new order. If you need help with an order, please contact us at [email protected]

The services are provided by TeePlanet. By using our services for buying or selling, you are implicitly agreeing to all of the terms and conditions of this contract. If you have any questions regarding these terms and services, please contact us at [email protected]